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The envy of Men's Clubs everywhere, ours promotes camaraderie through creative and fun golf competitions.



FOR APRIL 19, 2023

Board Members Present

President, John Levitt, Treasurer, Dennis Muehlenbach, Handicap Chairman, Scott Grogin

Member at Large, Wade Lewis, Friday Skins, Richard Vesely, Secretary, Craig Trask

None-Board Members Present - Roger Murry (For opening only)

Meeting Convened

Enough members were in attendance to constitute a quorum and the meeting was convened at 5:04 pm.

There were no minutes to discuss from the previous board meeting.


President’s Report – Due to team play expenses, there are insufficient funds to contribute to the Member Member tournament.

Membership and Reserves – Currently, there are just over 71 active members, down from 80 at the last meeting in January, 2023.

Current Club reserves of $3,964.  Should be enough to cover the end of year.

2023 Team Play, including carts and bar bill, put us $900.00 over budget.  It’s possible we may have been double billed by Ramona.  Wade Lewis is investigating.

New Membership – No new members since the last board meeting.

Tournaments and Events – Fees for the next Team Play event must be adjusted to prevent a future shortfall. Going forward, home and away fees will be the same.  Alcohol will be limited to beer and wine.

The Fall Men’s Club trip: Trip will be planned and managed by Mike McManus and Jim Sinatra. Tentatively planned for November.

Friday Skins: Friday skins will continue to be run by Richard Vesely.  A few material issues were discussed requiring a motion (See Motions below).

Two-for-Tuesday: Still looking for a Two-for-Tuesday manager. Richard will take lead on identifying somebody. Wade will handle it the first week, but we will need to identify a manager of this event.  Possibly Mike McManus or Jim Sinatra.

General T&E discussions:  Considering which handicap calculation to be used in men’s Club tournaments, 12-month low vs high vs low/high average. Topic still open.

Shotguns are still not happening. As a compromise, John will propose to Roger a “slip time” format. Split time would be limited to 40 individual players.

Handicap Compliance – Scott is actively managing handicaps now, and has addressed members who are late to post.



  1. Men’s Club purchasing more tees for the members, estimated at $250.00
  2. Change Friday Skins fee back from $50.00 to $25.00. Motion approved with the compromise of $50.00 only on the last Friday for the month. All other Fridays will go back to $25.00
  3. Propose to old members who have not rejoined that we discount the membership fee as an incentive to rejoin.


  1. Eliminating handicap strokes on par 3’s in all Men’s Club events.
  2. Consider an ice and water dispenser in the clubhouse. No budget room at this time.


Meeting adjourned at 5:40pm.



Check out 22-23 event calendar for Tournament Schedule on the Events Calendar page

Two for Tuesdays May 9th 2023.  Meet at the putting green at 4:30 p.m.  for a 5:00 tee time - $20.00 buy in per player.  Format TBD.

Please let the pro shop know if you plan to play.