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APRIL 19, 2023

Board Members Present

President, John Levitt, Treasurer, Dennis Muehlenbach, Handicap Chairman, Scott Grogin

Member at Large, Wade Lewis, Friday Skins, Richard Vesely, Secretary, Craig Trask

None-Board Members Present - Roger Murry (For opening only)

Meeting Convened

Enough members were in attendance to constitute a quorum and the meeting was convened at 5:04 pm.

There were no minutes to discuss from the previous board meeting.


President’s Report – Due to team play expenses, there are insufficient funds to contribute to the Member Member tournament.

Membership and Reserves – Currently, there are just over 71 active members, down from 80 at the last meeting in January, 2023.

Current Club reserves of $3,964.  Should be enough to cover the end of year.

2023 Team Play, including carts and bar bill, put us $900.00 over budget.  It’s possible we may have been double billed by Ramona.  Wade Lewis is investigating.

New Membership – No new members since the last board meeting.

Tournaments and Events – Fees for the next Team Play event must be adjusted to prevent a future shortfall. Going forward, home and away fees will be the same.  Alcohol will be limited to beer and wine.

The Fall Men’s Club trip: Trip will be planned and managed by Mike McManus and Jim Sinatra. Tentatively planned for November.

Friday Skins: Friday skins will continue to be run by Richard Vesely.  A few material issues were discussed requiring a motion (See Motions below).

Two-for-Tuesday: Still looking for a Two-for-Tuesday manager. Richard will take lead on identifying somebody. Wade will handle it the first week, but we will need to identify a manager of this event.  Possibly Mike McManus or Jim Sinatra.

General T&E discussions:  Considering which handicap calculation to be used in men’s Club tournaments, 12-month low vs high vs low/high average. Topic still open.

Shotguns are still not happening. As a compromise, John will propose to Roger a “slip time” format. Split time would be limited to 40 individual players.

Handicap Compliance – Scott is actively managing handicaps now, and has addressed members who are late to post.



  1. Men’s Club purchasing more tees for the members, estimated at $250.00
  2. Change Friday Skins fee back from $50.00 to $25.00. Motion approved with the compromise of $50.00 only on the last Friday for the month. All other Fridays will go back to $25.00
  3. Propose to old members who have not rejoined that we discount the membership fee as an incentive to rejoin.


  1. Eliminating handicap strokes on par 3’s in all Men’s Club events.
  2. Consider an ice and water dispenser in the clubhouse. No budget room at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 5:40pm.

APRIL 15, 2021

General Manager - Roger Murray
President - John Levitt
Vice President (Appointed) - Mike Sanders
Member at Large (Appointed) - Tony Serritella
Secretary - Doug Reynolds
Treasurer - Dennis Muehlenbach
Handicap Chairman - Tom Cowley
Non Tournament Director - Richard Vesley
Tournament Director - Mike Bell

MPCC Men’s Club House

I. Call to Order
Time: 5:05pm

II. Approval of the Agenda
1. Agenda approved

III. Approval of the Minutes
1. No minutes from last meeting

IV. Reports
1. General Manager
• Sr. Club Championship – 30-32 members signed up, would like to have 50.
• 4 ball tournament – 22 teams signed up, 32 teams is normal count, to be played in brackets.
• Course maintenance
a. Bathroom on canyon 5, septic tank to be installed week of 26th
b. Start to vericut fairways April 26. 18 holes will be open during the week and 27 holes will be open Friday thru Sunday. Fairways will be pretty torn up for a week or two, but results before Spring tournaments start should be great.
c. Reflooring of the restaurant and bar will take place week of 26th. When it happens, bar will be close and snack bar will substitute for service. Estimate 1 day of closure for flooring.
d. League play was successful, but will need to revamp for next year due to timing of how long rounds took for weekend early mornings. Will work on changing format and schedule for mid-morning or afternoon rounds.
e. Member-Member – Calcutta may not take place due to Covid19. Hoping to have 100% open by June 15th but will depend on County restrictions.
2. President
• New Men's Club elections - John Levitt (President), Doug Reynolds (Secretary), Mike Sanders (Appointed - Vice President), and Tony Serritella (Appointed - Member at Large) and Tom Cowley (Handicap Chairman).
• Meetings will be held bi-monthly, instead of monthly, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Any other communication needed can be done via email.
3. Vice President
• Bunkers - possibly invite Sean to meetings to give some insight of when course maintenance will be done and bunkers will be repaired.
4. MC Tournament
• Not in attendance
5. Non Tournament
• Tony talked about League Play being great event, how lot of members view it as a key event and enjoy playing match play. Part of issue is slow play, holding up regular play at the course.
• Team Play - Rich Vesley tried to give everyone a chance to play, but team didn’t perform too well this year. He may change the draft next year to get better players involved in the matches.
• Joe Sidoti is ramping up 2 for Tuesdays.
• Friday Skins - Continues to be a popular event. Hard to get enough tee times. Right now there are 28 spots on a normal basis.
• Away tournament - should start to be planned in advance, maybe Palm Springs or Temecula. Fall away tournament was voted and passed to play in Palm Springs. Usually in November of each year. Most members deal with their own lodging. Start looking for a package deal with golf and lodging. Discussions about possibly making it a 3 day event.
6. Handicap Chairman
• Focus is on tournament posting. The Chairman took half of people from the last tournament and conducted an audit. Several members are missing multiple postings. One member did not pay Men’s Club dues but still played in tournament which is an issue that needs to be addressed in the future.
• Some members aren’t paying their SCGA dues thru MPCC so the Chairman can’t check their scores and postings.
• The Chairman will send notice by emails to say “post your scores” to members with posting discrepancies.
• After tournaments, members need to know who will post the scores - the shop or each player. Typically it is the shop after a tournament.
7. Treasurer
• 1 new member in March.
• 100 members in the Men’s Club and about 60 members participate in tournaments.
• $14,444 in the bank account. League and Team Play have been paid for. For upcoming tournaments, we should try to get better pricing on meals. They are charging us more for tournaments vs. regular menu pricing and without any real service.
• Member-Member and Member-Guest will use some of the budget for cart girl, meals, and gifts.
8. Member at Large
• Sales of the green books went well, members should pay first before receiving greens books.
• There was 1 member that played in the Stableford tournament, place in the Net Flight, but did not pay to join the MPCC Men’s Club. Rule should be, you don’t pay fees, you don’t play.

V. Old Business
1. Elections

2. Meetings every two months

VI. New Business
1. Upcoming Events

VII. Comments and Announcements
1. None

VIII. Adjournment
Time: 5:51pm
Next meeting date June 9, 2021

<strong>VIII. Adjournment</strong>

Time: 5:51pm

Next meeting date June 9, 2021


DATE:            DECEMBER 9, 2020

Those Board Members present:

Head Pro, Roger Murray

President, John Lange

Vice-President, John Levitt

Secretary, Joel Bryan

Non-Tournament Director,  Grant Nissen

Treasurer, Dennis Muehlenbach

Handicap Chairman, Tom Cowley

Tournament Director, Mike Bell

Non-Tournament Director, Rich Vesely

Those Members present:

Joe Brennen, Tony Seratella

The meeting was convened at 5:00 pm.


  1. Roger reported on the course condition, County restrictions and the Shamble event coming up for this Saturday.
  2. John Lange made a motion that the Men’s Club pay $50 toward the cost of the beverage cart, so a beverage cart would be available for every Men’s Club tournament.  A motion was made by John Lange and seconded by John Levitt and passed unanimously.  Grant abstaining.
  3. The board welcomed Rich Vesely as a new member.  Rich is taking the place of Grant Nissen as the Non-Tournament Director.  Rich will be in charge of team play.  Tony Seratella will continue to be in charge of league play.  Two for Tuesday will be run by Joe Sedoti.
  4. Tom Cowley was welcomed as the new Handicap Chairman and indicated that everyone in the Men’s Club should be complying with USCGEA recommendations to post every score within 24 hours.  He will be monitoring club members to ensure posting compliance.
  5. Motion was made by John Lange to increase dues from $150 to $175 effective January 1, 2021.  Motion passed unanimously.
  6. John Levitt presented information regarding green reading books.  The books cost $25 each.  The results of a survey he sent around indicated that a majority of the Men’s Club members would buy the green reading book if subsidized by $12.50 from the Men’s Club.  A motion was made to buy 100 green reading books at $25 each for a total cost of $2,500 and to collect $12.50 from each member who wants one.
  7. Grant reviewed his budget for expected 2021 which consisted of:
  • $1,200… team play
  • $520…... hats
  • $1,200….league play
  • $2,600… Two for Tuesday food and beverage
  • Total $5,520
  1. Mike Bell reviewed expected tournament costs on a 5 year average, expected a total of $7,635.
  2. Treasurer Dennis Muehlenbach indicated there is currently $5,566 in the bank of which approximately was $1,000 of dues already paid toward next year.
  3. Motion was made by John Lange that any other budget matters should be brought up to the board.  The motion passed unanimously
  4. Meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.
  5. Next meeting January 13, 2020 5:00 p.m.

November 11, 2020


DATE:            NOVEMBER 11, 2020

Those present:

Head Pro, Roger Murray

President, John Lange

Vice-President, John Levitt

Secretary, Joel Bryan

Treasurer, Dennis Muehlenbach

Handicap Chairman, Tom Cowley

Non-Tournament Director, Grant Nissen

Not attending:

Tournament Director, Mike Bell

The meeting was convened at 5:00 pm.


  1. Head pro Roger Murray reported on the course condition and that all 27 holes are open.  He also reported that he had distributed the $2,000 to his non-professional staff which the Men’s Club and Memorial Tournament provided.

Roger also reported that the Mesquite trip is on.  The courses will be Wolf Creek and Canistoga.

  1. There was a Long discussion concerning the Moorpark Men’s Club web page.  The annual cost of “hosting” is $175 and an additional $175 to maintain the domain name, a total of $350 per year.  Joe Brennen can continue to provide hosting and maintenance for $350 per year.  A suggestion was made to post Men’s Club Board Minutes on the website and to encourage members (especially new perspective members) to use the website.  A motion was made by president John Lange to continue to maintain the website at $350 per year for at least another year.  The motion was seconded by John Levitt.  Motion passed unanimously.
  2. Discussion was had concerning the current By-Laws and job descriptions.  John Lange volunteered to make suggestions regarding job description for each officer.
  3. John Lange suggested that each board member bring a suggested 2021 budget amount for his area of responsibility to the next meeting.
  4. The Board discussed raising annual Men’s Club dues from $150 to $175.  Decision postponed to next meeting.
  5. The Board welcomed Tom Cowley as the new handicap chairman replacing Joe Brennen.
  6. Dennis Muehlenbach/Treasurer agreed to send out an email to Men’s Club members regarding dues for next year, (2021) if dues are paid for 2021 before the end of December of 2020, it will be $150.  Pending item #5, if it is paid next year, it may be $175.  Dennis further reported there are currently 92 Men’s Club members.  Dennis also reported there is $5,400 in the bank, $500 will be spent on the Mesquite trip, $100 on the 2-man Shamble tournament, $200 for team play costs and $400 for the SCGA four ball championship gross net, etc. which leaves approximately $3,000 in the bank to be carried into next year.
  7. The Board discussed new members.  Board members agreed to seek out and invite people they play with or get to know to join the Men’s Club.  John Levitt has a list of 6 new members.
  8. Grant reported on Team Play and that he could be moving within a month and possibly before team play commences.  The Board will need a new non-tournament director.  We will also need a new Team Play captain to replace him. 18 Men’s Club members have signed up for team play.  Grant needs 10 more to participate fully in team play.
  9. Joe Sidoti will take charge of “2 for Tuesday” with assistance from the non-tournament director.
  10. Meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.
  11. Next meeting December 9, 2020 5:00 p.m.